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Using the Cortelco or DTerm Phones

Cortelco and DTerm phones are the usually found within offices at St. Mary's College.  This page will help to describe some of the features of these phones.

Campus Phone Features for Dterm Series E Phones

Call Forward – All Calls

To Set:

  • Lift handset or press speaker button.
  • Press CFW ALL or dial *2
  • Dial the destination station.
  • CFW ALL LED lights (if equipped on phone)

To Cancel:

  • Lift handset or press Speaker
  • Press CFW ALL or dial *2
  • Hang up.

To Transfer a Call

  • After conversing, ask party to hold.
  • Press Transfer.  Receive interrupted dial tone.
  • Dial destination station’s extension, hang up or wait for answer.


  • With call in progress, ask party to hold.
  • Press Transfer, receive interrupted dial tone.
  • Dial desired number
  • After call is answered, press Conf, Conf LED lights.
  • Three-way conference is established

Call Pickup (Group)

  • When extension within your pick-up group rings:
  • Lift handset
  • Dial *6 or press Call Pick if equipped.

Call Pickup (Direct)

  • To answer a call not in your call pick-up group or specific extension.
  • Lift handset.
  • Dial #6 plus the extension number of the ringing phone.

Last Number Redial

  • To redial the Last Number Dialed
  • Press Redial button
  • Press *, the last number dialed will be redialed.

Speed Calling

To Program:

  • Press Feature button.
  • Press desired Speed Call Button
  • Enter desired telephone number.  Remember the 9 if off campus.
  • Press Feature again to save the number.


  • Feature + 1 = Turns microphone on or off
  • Feature + 3 = Select ringer tone
  • Feature + 4 = Adjusts transmission level
  • Feature + 7 = Turns call indicator lamp on or off for incoming call notification.  If turned off, this lamp will still light to indicate message waiting.
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