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Making a Conference Call

  1. Person who is initiating the conference needs to give the number and time for callers of the conference to dial.  The number is 240-895-6002 (If you are on campus just dial x6002).
  2. Person initiating the call dials x6001.  This opens the bridge for the conference.
  3. Callers will dial in and will be connected without any warning to the group.  Callers need to be told to identify themselves once they are connected so that the group knows who is connected.
  4. Once all callers are connected to the bridge the operator of the call need to press 0 to lock the call, which keeps anyone else from dialing into the conference.  If you need to add another person at any time you can press 0 then open it back up for another caller.
  5. Once the conference call is complete press the # sign to disconnect the bridge.
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  • 07-Jan-2016