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Update sliders and slideshows on the website

What is a Slider?

Many sections of the website contain animated text and images called sliders or slideshows. These often showcase upcoming events and faculty/staff achievements.

Below is an example of a slider:

Adding a new slide to the website

Because of the technical nature of these sliders, updates must be done through submitting a ticket to Web Services. Please attach any images and text that you would like for each slide.

Important Slider Guidelines

Please keep in mind that not any photo will do when it comes to creating a slider. Sliders on the website are horizontally oriented, meaning that the photo you provide must be taken horizontally.

Here's an example showcasing what happens when a vertically oriented photo is cropped to fit into a slider:

The subjects face becomes cropped in order to fill the slide area when using a vertically oriented image.

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  • 20-Jan-2017