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Saving Space in Blackboard

Instructors have incorporated electronic documents, and media more and more in their course-building, and this trend is bound to continue. Adding more, and higher quality music, video, image, and document files to Blackboard is is possible, but only to a certain point, as we have limited space. Even before SMCM Google Apps for Education accounts allowed unlimited storage space,some Blackboard users already discovered that they could use our LMS and Google Apps for some neat synergy to provide a solution. If you've perused our knowledge base, and seen our video on embedding your Google Calendar in your course, you should already know something about this process. By having Blackboard point to course information hosted on the internet (including an instructor's SMCM Google Apps account) the system acts as a hub instead merely a repository for electronic documents and files (a model we've discouraged for several years).

This image: created and embedded using Google Drive.

The instructor can embed/share Google Docs, your Google Calendar, YouTube videos, and more without making a huge dent in space used on the Blackboard server. Not only does it save space, but accessing the materials is faster. BONUS! In addition to being incredibly convenient, syllabi, course schedules, and assignments can be updated as needed to fit the semester's needs. This means that the process of going back to your document, updating it, saving it as a pdf, and then uploading it once more is no longer necessary. An instructor can make the change in the Google Doc or Calendar, and then send out an announcement informing students of the change.