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Course Evaluation Instructions and FAQ

IOTA Solutions handles most IT issues, while administrative/procedures is done on the college's end. We will try to address all tickets submitted through the OIT ticket system, but for best results, submit a ticket with the vendor here.

How do I access my evaluation results?

To access your evaluations, click either the Recent Evals or Historical Evals links to see the full list of survey periods. You can also choose the section you wish to view from the Recent Evals or Historical Evals drop-down menus, we are in the process of renaming the evaluation periods so that they appear in reverse chronological order and are more relevant.

You should see a snapshot of the institutional results (total students, response rates and so on).

To view your specific course results, click the arrow to the left. Note that the Response Count by Day will not have any data for evaluations imported from other systems (anything before Fall 2016 for most courses).

You can click any of the courses listed to see your results. The quantitative questions will appear on the following page, and can be compared to your results to institutional or departmental averages. The chart to the right represents your results graphically.

What's the difference between Recent Evals and Historic Evals?

You can see results from evaluations in either your Recent Evals if grades have been submitted (recent evaluations are any evaluations that have wrapped up within the last year), or Historical Evals.

How can I see my full results

You can see the full results (including qualitative answers) by selecting View Graphs/Comments from the Viewing/Printing Options drop down menu to the right.

This page features a full breakdown of your results, and includes the qualitative responses at the end. As of right now they are ordered by submission and can't be reordered by question. This is a feature we've been informed should be added in the future.

You can view the answers based on submission by either clicking a response to the qualitative results, or selecting Browse Results while within a course. If you are not looking at a course, and click this option, you will receive a message saying No responses found for this course. Please select another course from the menu above.

How do I print my results?

To print your results, you can either select Print from the Viewing/Printing Options drop-down menu to the right, or use your preferred method of printing a page from a browser. Either way will format the page you are currently viewing in a printer friendly view and bring up your printer dialogue.