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How to Create a Photo Gallery

Only those who have undergone Advanced WordPress training can upload photos and make photo galleries.
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1. Click "Media Gallery" in the WordPress text editor.
2. Click "Create Gallery" in the top left of the Media Gallery.
3. Click on each image you'd like to use - a checkmark will appear to show that it is selected. To unselect an image, hold CTRL and click the image.
Inline image 1
4. Click "Create a Gallery" in the bottom right of the Media Gallery.
5. Add captions if desired.
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6. Rearrange the order of images if needed by clicking the thumbnail and moving to another position.
7. In the right column of the Edit Gallery page, there are several Gallery Settings. Be sure to set "Link To" to None. The amount of columns and size of images are up to you.
Inline image 5
8. Click "Insert gallery" in the bottom right of the Edit Gallery window.
9. Be sure to Preview your post before publishing. You may go back and update the gallery settings at any time by clicking on the gallery, then clicking the Edit icon.
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  • 30-Aug-2016