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Getting Started with Blackboard Course Sites- Faculty

Where do I find my Blackboard course site?

A Blackboard course site is automatically generated for every SMCM course. You can access online course sites for courses you’re instructing at by logging in with your SMCM username and password. After you log in, courses available to you are listed in the My Courses Plus section of the landing page.

How do I add content to my Blackboard course?

If you have previously taught the course, content can be copied over from a previous Blackboard course. If you'd like to start adding content from scratch, please see the attached file SMCM Build Content in Blackboard

What tools are available in Blackboard?

The Blackboard course management system comes with a robust set of tools that instructors use to create an innovative and interactive learning environment for their students. See also: Blackboard Course Tools, Blackboard Tool Guide

The following is a list of tools and suggestions for using them:

  • Announcements – Announce updates, reminders, or changes to your course. Announcements are stored in the course site and can be emailed to students.
  • Syllabus & Course Information – Upload your Syllabus, Course Outline, and any other administrative documents related to your course to the site for easy student access.
  • Discussions – Provide students with an opportunity to discuss course topics in between class sessions.
  • Calendar – Use an electronic calendar to keep students up to date on important course events (e.g., project milestones, assignment due dates).
  • Assignments – Post assignments in Blackboard and allow the students to submit them electronically in one central location. Return graded assignments via the same tool.
  • Grade Center – Post grades electronically in one place for easy record keeping and provide students 24/7 access to their grades.
  • Content – Deliver supplemental content and materials. Upload notes, readings, and documents for the students to retrieve whenever it is convenient for them. Share links to course-relevant web-based materials.
  • Tests & Surveys – Create self-check quizzes to allow students to confirm their knowledge. Use surveys to poll the students for their opinions or preferences.