Blackboard System Information

Blackboard is the Learning Management System that St. Mary’s College of Maryland’s Office of Information Technology provides, supports for instructors and students.

St. Mary's College of Maryland currently uses Blackboard 9, service pack 11. The following browsers work best with the current version of Blackboard:

  • The most current stable version of Mozilla Firefox
  • The most current stable version of Google Chrome
  • Internet Explorer 9 or 10 (NOT IE 11)
  • Safari 5.0 and up

Blackboard Trainings:

Your friendly neighborhood Learning Technology team provides Blackboard training workshops before Fall and Spring semesters begin. Classes range from the basic to advanced. 

IT's Knowledgebase Articles

The IT Support Center has put together numerous articles tailored to St. Mary's College instructors and students. A full list of articles can be found in the knowledge base, or you can search for various terms in the search bar at the top of each page of the support center web site.

Blackboard OnDemand

Blackboard has created a number of knowledgebase articles, and screencasts for developing your Blackboard course, and learning to use new tools. Blackboard OnDemand has articles that you can browse, in addition to search functionality in the upper right hand corner of their site.

Put in a ticket, or stop by an IT Support Open Hour

We may not have created an article on something you need help with, or you may just have a question about how to accurately set up a certain tool. Feel free to create a ticket, or stop by during our IT Support Open Hours.

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