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Accessing Blackboard

Logging into Blackboard is the first step in accessing the Learning Management System. Users must have been, or must be currently enrolled in a Blackboard course in order to log in.

Blackboard can be accessed one of two ways. Users can:

Enter the url: into their browsers’s address bar.


Access the system via InsideSMCM:

    1. Access InsideSMCM from the St. Mary’s College of Maryland site.
    2. Click Blackboard icon:

Blackboard 9 requires valid SMCM network credentials, this is the password and username combination required to sign in to your Portal and SMCM Google Apps accounts.

  1. Navigate to the SMCM Blackboard login page.
  2. Enter your SMCM username and password in the appropriate boxes.
  3. Click Login.
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  • 02-Aug-2016