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Creating a Reply Label (to easily see which e-mails you have sent a reply)

Creating a label and filter for the e-mails that you have replied to will allow you to go to one place to make sure you have replied to those important e-mails. Please note that the filter works best when in Conversation View in Gmail. If you have Conversation View turned off, you can simply create the label and drag it on to any email to which you reply.  This article will explain how to create the label and filter.

    1. Create a label named Replied - instructions on how to create a label can be found at
    2. Create a filter - detailed instructions on how to create a filter can be found at
    3. Please see below to fill in the details for your filter.

      The first screen that will pop up will be like this:

      Once you click Create filter with this search the following will appear: 

    4. Once Create filter has been clicked, your filter is created and all of your replied e-mails will show up under the Replied label.  You can find your labels under your toolbar to the left of your e-mails. See below for where to look for them.
    5. You have now successfully created your replies sent filter.


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  • 07-Jan-2016