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Registering Your Gaming Console and Other Devices For Use With ResNet

Listed below is the method to register other devices for use on Resnet.  Only devices that support a wired connection can be used on Resnet.  If you intend to only use wireless or if using a device that does not support a wired connection, you may connect that device to the SMCM-Guest network which does not require registration.  For all other devices please follow the instructions below.

NOTE: You must have connected the device that you are registering (Xbox, PS4, Apple TV, Blu-ray Player, etc.) to the network jack in your room at least once, in order for this process to work.

Using a laptop or computer that has already been registered and is currently connected to Resnet (either Wired or Wireless) please go to the following website and follow the on-screen instructions to register your device. Your computer must be connected to ResNet in order to access this webpage.

NOTE: For Wii and Wii U, IF you have a LAN adapter and wish to use Resnet, enter the MAC address for the LAN Adapter NOT the Wii/Wii U's MAC address.


If you encounter the following screen, please make sure that your device has been connected to the network at least once.  The registration process will not work if the device has not been connected at least once.

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  • 25-Sep-2017