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Creating an Informal Course in Blackboard

Informal courses are Blackboard Course sites for use by faculty, staff, and students to support academic and training functions, but are not official courses listed in the Registrar's database. Some examples of informal courses include: St. Mary's Project Cohort groups within a department, training courses for Residence Life staff or IT Support Center Staff, and non-credit courses offered to students, faculty, or staff.

Informal courses are not to be used purely as a method of hosting and sharing materials with students. Everyone with a St. Mary's Google Apps for Education account has 30 GB of space in their Google Drive, which can be used for this. 

Step 1: Requesting the creation of an Informal Course in Blackboard 9

Please Submit A Ticket with the request course name and the purpose of the course.

Step 2: Adding People to an Informal Course

Adding people (students and additional instructors) to an Informal Course is the same process as adding additional people to a formal course listed in the Registrar's database. You will need to use the Blackboard Role Assignment Tool in the Portal to add students and additional instructors to your Informal Course.

Please note: The Blackboard system updates every hour. Once you have submitted your informal course enrollments, wait at least an hour for the system to update in order to see people you have enrolled within the course. If the student does not appear in your course, please submit a problem report ticket.

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  • 13-Jan-2016