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Copying Course Materials

This page addresses how instructors may use the course copy tool in Blackboard to roll course materials from one course to another, as from one semester to another, or across multiple sections of the same course.

To copy course materials, sign in to Blackboard, access the course from which you would like to move content, and follow the instructions below:

  1. In the Control Panel in the lower right hand corner, click Packages and Utilities.
  2. A menu should appear, click Course Copy.
  3. Select Copy Course Materials into an Existing Course from the drop-down menu in section 1, Select Copy Type.
  4. Click Browse in the drop-down menu under section 2, Select Copy Options.
  5. Select the course to which you want to copy materials.
  6. The course ID should appear in the text box in section 2.
  7. Select the materials you would like to copy over to your new course.
  8. Click Submit.
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  • 06-Jan-2016