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Updating Java

Java is a computer language and a platform used to display the language developed by Sun Microsystems.  Java is essentially a helper program that helps websites perform certain actions.  Programmers use Java because of it's ability to be implemented on multiple operating systems (Mac, PC, Linux).  In order for the code to run correctly, the platform needs to be up to date.  Java is used in several Blackboard 9 applications, and constantly evolving, it is important to keep the version on your computer up to date.  The most recent version, and more information about Java can be found on the Java website. This article gives you step by step instruction on how to update Java.

***NOTE! If you use Jenzabar CX, please do not update your Java!***

How Do I Check for My Current Version of Java?

  1. Click the Windows menu (Start menu), and select Control Panel.

  2. Find and click Uninstall Programsunder the Programsheading.
  3. Locate Java on the list of programs and locate the version.

How Do I Update to the Most Recent Version of Java?

  1. Visit the Java site and follow their instructions on how to install or update the program.
  2. Click on the Agree and Start Free Download.

  3. When the file has finished downloading, open it.
  4. Click Run.

  5. The welcome page will pop up, click Install.

  6. A progress bar will appear, letting you know how much longer the installation will take.
  7. If you do not want to install a search bar to your browser, uncheck the box on the page that pops up after your installation has finished, and click Next.
    It is recommended that you DO uncheck the box

  8. The installer will let you know that Java has been successfully installed.  Click Closeto finish the process.

How Do I Check for My Current Version of Java?

  1. Open up your Hard Drive in Finder.
  2. Open your Applications folder.
  3. Open your Utilities folder.
  4. Open the Terminal application.
  5. Type java -version into the Terminal prompt and press return/enter.
  6. Inspect the next line for your current version of Java. (this computer really needs an upgrade).

How Do I Update to the Most Recent Version of Java?

  1. Go to your drop down menu and click Software Update.
  2. Your computer should be connected to the Internet and will search for updates.  If it locates any click Continue to proceed.
  3. If you cannot connect to the Internet, Connecting to the Internet will help to troubleshoot.
  4. Make sure that the Java update is checked.
  5. Click Install.
  6. Read through the Terms of Service and click Agree.
  7. The update will download and install.
  8. Click OK to complete the process.
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  • 06-Jan-2016