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Finding your Computer's IP Address

The IT Support Center will sometimes ask you for your IP Address and MAC Address if you are having difficulty accessing the internet. This article explains how to find both addresses.

    1. Navigate to Command Prompt(Start > Accessories > Command Prompt)
      • Or press the Windows+R (*Note: The Windows key contains the Microsoft flag emblem and usually resides between the Ctrl and Alt buttons on your keyboard: Exampleto open the Run Dialogue Box and type in "cmd" and click OK.
    1. Once open, type in "ipconfig /all" and hit enter.
  1. The Physical Address is your MAC Address and the IPv4 Address is your IP Address.
    1. Click on the Apple icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.
    2. Click Systems Preferences.
    1. Click Network.
    1. Click Advanced.

    1. IPv4 Address is the IP Address.
  1. Click on the Ethernet or Hardware tab to view your MAC Address. 
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