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Registering Your Device For Use With ResNet

Computers, Mobile Devices, and Game Devices will need to be registered in order to connect to ResNet (wired or wireless*).  This article explains how to register your device and gives some troubleshooting tips if you are having trouble registering.

In previous years, we used the Bradford Dissolvable Agent to scan machines for up-to-date virus protection software.  Beginning with the Fall 2017 semester, we will no longer be using the Bradford Dissolvable Agent.  

*Wireless devices must support 802.1x authentication to connect to ResNet Wireless. Please refer to Registering Your Gaming Console For Use With ResNet for more information about registering your device for use on ResNet.   

Please follow the instructions below

These instructions will work for most devices, using various different operating systems to include: Windows, Apple (Mac & iPhone), Android, etc.  As long as your device has access to a browser, and is connected to ResNet, these instructions should apply.  Please note that in order to register, you should be connected to the ResNet Wireless or Wired in a residence, not the MobileNet wireless network found in academic and administrative campus buildings or the SMCM-Guest wireless network found in residences.

    1. Make sure your device is connected via an Ethernet cable to a wall Ethernet jack (not the phone jack) in your room or through the Secured ResNet Wireless network*.
    2. Open up an internet browser and try to access any webpage.  If you are using Google Chrome as your browser, you will need to navigate to any website other than  If you are attempting to register and encounter the following error, please try going to a different website, or try using a different browser.
    3. Click Users who have a Network Account. *If using Internet Explorer, this may take a few minutes.
    4. Enter your Network username and password and click the Register button.
    5. If you entered the wrong username or password, the following error appears.  Please try again.  If you continue to experience difficulties at this stage, please call the IT Support Center at x4357.
      1. Internet Explorer
      2. Google Chrome
    6. You should see a page that appears like the one below.  Wait until the progress bar is completely full, and move on to the next step.
    7. After the progress bar finishes, the follow message should appear. Please click OK, close and reopen your browser.
      1. Internet Explorer
      2. Google Chrome
    8. You should now be registered and have access to the internet.

Connect Automatically (Wireless)

After a successful registration, your wireless connection settings will be reset. If you did not check the box for "Connect automatically" when creating your Network Profile for ResNet, and another wireless network (SMCM-Guest for example) does have the "Connect Automatically" box checked, then you may be connected to that other network after the reset. Verify that you are still connected to ResNet after a successful registration. If you are not, simply reconnect to ResNet and you should have internet access.

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  • 24-Aug-2017