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Understanding Pay for Print

Pay-for-Print is a system that charges your OneCard account when you print on campus. The cost for printing from a black and white printer is $0.10 a page and the cost for printing from a color printer, whether you are printing color or black and white, is $0.25.  Students are given $20.00 worth of Pay-for-Print at the beginning of each semester.  This article answers some questions you may have about using pay for print.

Why Was it Implemented?

Pay-for-Print was implemented to help reduce the amount of excess printing on campus.

To Which OneCard Account are These Printing Charges Applied?

At the beginning of the semester every student is given a $20.00 printing credit. (Equating to 200 black and white pages.) Once this credit is used up the charges will start deducting from your debit account. You cannot use Flex dollars for printing.

Will My Unused Pay for Print Funds Roll Over at the End of the Semester?

No. If you don't use these funds, you lose therm, and the account automatically resets to $20 at the beginning of each semester.

What Do I Do If My Print Job(s) Didn’t Print or There Was an Error of Some Kind During the Printing Process?

If you are in the library please go to the Circulation Desk and tell them about your issue. Depending on whether or not they think a refund is necessary they will send the OneCard Office a Printing Refund Request form. If you have a problem at any other Pay-for-Print locations on campus please bring a Printing Refund Request form attached to the print job(s) in question to the OneCard Office.

Where Can I Find a Printing Refund Request Form?

They can usually be found in any of the computer labs or you can complete the attached form.

What Do I Do if My Printing Keeps Getting Denied?

If you are receiving a Transaction Denied message at a computer, please contact the IT Support Center.


Reviewed July 2014