Making a Payment using CashNet

A parent can add funds to a student's account through CashNet using their Parent PIN that was set up by the student.  This articles provides instruction on how to make a payment.

Parents can access the login for CashNet at

  1. Log in using your Parent PIN.
  2. Click Total Amount Due under You may purchase the following items:.
  3. Enter the amount that you would like to add to the student's Student Account in the Amount form.
  4. Click Add to Shopping Cart.
  5. If you are satisfied with this total, click Checkout.
    1. You may also Edit or Delete items.
  6. Click Checkout if you are ready to proceed with the transaction.
  7. Select your payment type, if you have saved credit card information, it will show up here as an option. *There is a 2.75% service fee for using a credit card.  CashNet accepts Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover.  There is no fee when you make your payment by electronic check (ACH).
  8. If you choose to pay with a credit card not yet associated with your CashNet account, select the Enter new credit card information radio button.
  9. Read and review the terms, the next page will provide you with the total service fee you will be charged.
  10. Enter the information for your credit card information carefully, the transaction will not be processed if you enter any wrong value.
  11. Continue with the transaction.
  12. If you choose to pay with electronic checking not yet associated with your CashNet, select the Enter new electronic check information radio button.
  13. Enter the bank information for your checking account carefully, the transaction will not be processed if you enter any wrong value.
  14. Continue with the transaction.
  15. Inform your student and let them know to keep an eye on their Student Account for the deposit in the next few days.
Reviewed June 2014
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