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Setting up a Parent PIN in the Portal/CashNet

A Parent PIN can be created by a student, so that a parent or guardian can add funds to the student's Student Account.  This creates an account that allows the parent or guardian access to the student's account, but no access to any other academic or email information.  The funds cannot be directly placed in the student's OneCard account.  However, if there is a positive balance in the Student Account, the student can transfer funds over to their OneCard themselves. This article provides instruction on how to set up a parent pin.

Parents can access the login for CashNet at

  1. Log into the Portal.
  2. Click the My Student Account tab.
  3. Find the My Bill information.
  4. Click the Make a Payment link.
  5. You are now on the CashNet site.
  6. Click Add New in the Parent PINs module.
  7. Fill in the name for the account in the Parent PIN form.
  8. Enter the parent or guardian's email address, and then confirm it in the next two forms.
  9. Enter a welcome note for the parent or guardian to receive with their email containing the parent username and password. A link for the parent or guardian to make a payment will be included in e-mail.
  10. Make sure that the Yes button for Should this allowed to log in? is marked.
  11. If you wish for them to receive notifications about payment plans, make sure that the Yesbutton for Should this person...receive Installment Payment Plan email notifications? is marked.
  12. Click the OK button.


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  • 06-Jan-2016